IT Forensics & Cyber Crime

Forexus IT Forensics & Cyber Crime services provide detailed analysis of computer systems and digital media - If there is evidence we will find it

Our IT Forensics & Cyber Crime services deliver forensic analysis of computer systems, network communications, mobile and other electronic devices. For every single step we maintain the chain of evidence and the chain of custody in order to comply with court standards.

Device imaging - We preserve the information by creating a forensic 1:1 image.

Device analysis

Computer analysis - Data access, internet browser history, usage of software, user behaviour patterns, malware analysis, deletion and wiping patterns, usage of webmail, USB device analysis, password recovery.

Server analysis - E-mail, web and database analysis, RAID reconstruction, malware analysis.

Mobile phone - Usage patterns, recovery of deleted messages (SMS, MMS, e-mail) and photos, movement profile, analysis of apps and malware.

Fax and photocopy machines - Recovery of documents which were sent/copied.

Incident response - In the case of a security breach or attack the goal is to handle the situation in a way that quantifies damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

Log file analysis - Consolidation and analysis of log files from different sources.

Restoration of backup tapes - Restoration, imaging and duplication of tapes with appropriate hardware.

Recovery of deleted data - Recovery of files and documents that have been deleted.

Decryption of encrypted/password protected data - Brute force decryption of encrypted documents, drives or other container formats.

Forensic readiness - Increasing the potential to use digital evidence whilst minimising the costs of an investigation by making sure the important metadata is tracked and solid procedures, in case of an incident, are in place.

Area of application

Data leakage and theft, employee investigations, malware and hacking attacks, regulatory compliance, falsifications, identity theft, expert witness testimony

Our clients

Law firms, compliance, legal, audit and investigation departments, private persons

Why should you choose Forexus

We are fast - We understand that your matter is urgent and we have reduced our client acceptance procedures to a minimum so that we can start working for you on the same day.

We have court experience - Our team has provided expert witness testimony in Swiss courts.

We understand technology - In addition to our forensic skill set we have a solid IT security background which enables us to quickly find evidence and reconstruct what happened in the past.