Data Analytics

Forexus Forensic Data Analytics services combine professional know-how and experience with the latest analytic frameworks and technology

Forensic Data Analytics are used to pro-actively prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse by leveraging into your organization’s data assets. Our services will support you in the following areas.

Identification of (US) clients within financial institutions - We support you in cross-border investigations by collecting data from financial systems and creating a consolidated view with all necessary information.

Cost recovery - Identification and quantification of costs paid in order to reduce them.

Payroll and human resources - With our payroll and expenses tests we help HR departments to identify different variations of fraud in the organisation.

Journal entry analysis - Detection of fraud in financial systems based on statistical deviance and known fraud patterns.

Procure-to-pay - Searches for false invoicing, theft of inventory and duplicate payments.

Regulation and compliance - Identification of non compliance against actual regulations.

Activity/access logs - Consolidation and analysis of large log files from different sources.

Our clients

Law firms, compliance, legal, audit and investigation departments

Why should you choose Forexus

We understand big data - and use open source tools together with commercial solutions to assure that the data stays manageable and we deliver on time

We are connected - to the Swiss Federal Tax Authority (ESTV) and other governmental authorities in order to assure that our products are compliant with their standards.

We are flexible - If you prefer to keep your data in-house we will bring all the necessary equipment and we will process all data in-house.