Forexus eDiscovery services are automated and cost-effective while remaining accurate, repeatable and defensible

We offer our clients an end-to-end solution for e-mails, voice recordings, electronic and paper documents based on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Identification of all relevant data sources. Based on interviews with all necessary parties (CIO, data owner, CISO, domain, e-mail and backup administrators) we will prepare a data landscape map and discuss it with our clients in order to reduce the amount of data that needs to be preserved and collected. Possible sources could be: e-mails, document management systems, network shares, voice recording systems, ERP systems, physical media, mobile devices, fax, scanners and many others.

Preservation of the identified data against inappropriate alteration or destruction. We will make sure that legal holds are in place and are implemented correctly from a technical perspective.

Collection of the identified data will be executed and documented so that it can be used as evidence in front of the court.

Processing of the collected data in order to reduce the volume and prepare the data for review.

Analysis is applied to reduce further the review population. Based on content, context, pattern, communication matrix and predictive coding, large amounts of not relevant data can be excluded.

Review is often based on keywords and can be carried out on a page-by-page basis or with the assistance of technology which includes predictive coding. As part of the review process redactions can be applied.

Production of the relevant documents for the purpose of reports, governmental authorities or further processing.

Presentation of the applied eDiscovery process in front of court or other audiences.

Area of application

Investigations, litigations, disputes, white collar crime, incident response

Our clients

Law firms, compliance, legal, audit and investigation departments

Why should you choose Forexus

We are fast - We understand that your matter is urgent and we have reduced our client acceptance procedures to a minimum so that we can start working for you on the same day.

We are flexible - If you prefer to keep your data in-house we will bring all the necessary equipment and we will process all data in-house.

We automate what we can - We are keeping costs and processing times low by automating repetitive processes.

We are adaptive - You prefer to use an eDiscovery solution you are already familiar with? Or you just want to have the optimal solution for your case? With over six years of experience in eDiscovery and IT Forensics we are used to work with a large variety of software solutions.